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The law of 80% - 20%

Everyone is a high potential!
This does not mean:

  • That you SEE / FEEL it yourself
  • That your manager or partner sees it
  • That you BELIEVE it yourself

A high potential DOES NOT NEED to be 100%!

  • The best speaker can be bad at listening…
  • The best engineer can be bad at having an planning
  • The best specialist can be a bad project manager

Manage the DIFFERENCE!

  • We help you see the 80 percent you ALREADY HAVE
  • Also see the 20 percent you should or could manage otherwise
  • The Perfect Combination can be your SIDEKICK on this 20 percent

You will be the high potential!
We will be your SIDEKICK where necessary.

How we do this? Contact us!

What you can Participate to

Are you an expert? Would you like to participate in this program and earn? You can complement another expert. Let us know what are your expertises and where you can complement another expert. 

What You Get in return

We manage the whole process, either for the 80% or 20%

  • If you are missing the 20%, we make sure that you get the right support from the expert. And you pay a fair price for that.
  • If you are an expert offering your knowledge, we make sure you match with right party.