Who We Are?


  • Empower people and society!
  • Diversity is strength and the power multiplies when transferred to unity.

Vision and strategy

  • We see a very fast changing world demanding more and more from individuals and organisations. In this challenge you need lots of skills combining with other people. We address this as a combination between BLUE and ORANGE in our logo; the optimum strength is where they are interacting.

  • Which colour are you; Blue or Orange (your personality type)?
    Blue/Orange is beautiful! But a lot of people find Orange/Blue more beautiful. How do you connect and interact with them? Influence them if needed. How can I see them and combine our powers.

  • Combining and connecting empowers! The Perfect Combination helps bringing the blue and orange strongly combined.

  • We make people, teams and organisations aware of their internal potential (their ‘colour’) and the influence they have on changing and improving themselves (add colours and balance!).

  • We customise training and coaching on their specific topics. Customised to bring them maximum power. Bring stability and unity.

  • We customise training and coaching and bring them more balance between emotion and logic (orange and blue) where the strength is. 

Our core value

  • Respect & Integrity!
Christ Schippers

Call: 0031(0)651318814

I am Christ Schippers. Proud father of a great daughter and great son.
People call me an enthusiastic coach, developer and Change Manager. People described me as a mediator, mirror and counselor. Others see me as an easy connector and helping with analyzing, appoint and improve things which run poorly. Exactly what I want.

– Choose and get moving! –

In the 30 years I work I have gained a lot of experience in various sectors and companies. Also in my own started and build entrepreneurship I have learned and done a lot. Fun and energy rich, also troublesome to abdominal pain of tension.
Wow and ouch moments both. Often in flow and sometimes stayed too long in a working environment which I outgrew. Sometimes I did not stay close enough to myself, my values and my ambitions. Now I do this much better by continuing to develop and stay in motion!

I always searched working and communicating with people. Both from a commercial side and from a troublesome side where it went bad with a person and or a company.

  1. As a Trusted Advisor at Rabobank Nederland.
  2. As an employee, as an employer. Recognizing the importance of good understanding over and over again. Very important experience!
  3. As a guide and companion to entrepreneurial people in a difficult phase of their business. Entrepreneurs and enterprises in growth. To even guidance to the best possible outcome in a bankruptcy from a banks perspective.
  4. As trainer and coach at my founded companies (3Masters Training BV and Werk Succesvol BV).
  5. As a team member within Rabobank in changing programs and their implementation.
  6. I have built and given many various trainings and coaching programs. On communication, behavior, engagement and competences. Partly based on change and intervention trainings.

For me, a revelation how much we can make our world more beautiful!

In All these situations I have learned the importance of REALLY good communication. But also really good connection between people. By giving that REALLY enough time and energy we get a very high Return on Investment! That has been proven so many times for me…
All this was my motive for my own journey back then starting Kompas Counceling & Coaching. Be active in Coaching, counceling, training and consulting.
I want to help people, teams and organizations improve their energy, communication and results. Better achieve their goals, energy and happiness.

That’s my passion!

Hamid Amir-Ahmadi

Call: 0031(0)645247996

Choices make our lives different!

I am Hamid Amir-Ahmadi, and living happily with my partner Parissa and our son Arwin. I grew up in Iran but since 2001, I live in the Netherlands. I followed an education program in physics at university of Groningen. After a successful graduation and working a short period of time in a postdoc project (collaboration of RUG and GSI), I got to know ASML via my network, in 2006. Although my field of study was very different than the core competency of ASML, I had a good interview and they decided to give me an opportunity. (How I do interviews successfully is something that I’ll share with you.) That was the beginning of 11.5 years of my career at a high tech international company. I started as design engineer and continued as architect. Later in 2012, I was appointed as team leader and later project manager.

Since 2017 I have shifted my activities to coaching and training, bases upon my broad experience working with multi disciplines at high tech and my experience in a multi-cultural work environment as an expat. I felt and still feel that a lot of time, quality, energy and money can be gained by improving the communication and collaboration between culturally different people!

Back then in 2012, it was the period of time that still most of management at ASML were Dutch and a very few from West-Europe. It occurred to me from some specific situations to realise the importance of understanding the cultural differences. I learned how our communication is affected by our background culture. (For instance, the way you behave in a hierarchy or how open you talk.) That was the trigger to start following many leadership and soft skill courses.

My highest point in all of those was when I got elected as member of the Work Council (O.R.) at ASML. In 2014, I stepped up for something that no other foreigner had done before. I nominated myself for the election of Work Council. This is an honoured position because of two folds. First, you must be elected among other nominees. So you must have a good image from view of your colleagues and you are trustworthy in their mind. Second, you could assist the highest management of the company in making the right decisions, which benefits both employees and company, as one.

All that experience and my personal care and interests for people brought me to the idea of Niushah. Niushah is (New + Shah and Shah = king). The new king is you when you learn how to use the skills that I teach. Being an expat, physicist, engineer, manager and leader, brought me a unique experience. Now with The Perfect Combination, I would like to share it all with you. Together build your road to success!

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