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As you might have experienced, there are so many different difficult problems at work and it depends on your environment, colleagues, boss and others, as well as you. I am not going to talk about all of the possible difficult problems, but let’s talk about the top three most popular dilemmas at work. If yours isn’t  one of them, then just contact us and let us hear your difficult situation. Here below are the top three generic problems.

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Applying for a job (Interview | Resume | cover letter)!

You really want a job and you know that you would be great at it. But interview for a job is something else then DOING the job! The top three dilemma of people and actually where they go mostly wrong are the followings:

“I wish I knew what they are going to ask. So I could be confident with no anxiety.”, said a candidate. What if I tell you that it is possible and there is no magic. We have the exact knowledge and experience in this area. 

We help you to impress at a job interview. Not only the do’s and don’ts! We work on three areas

  1. Content: We teach you to address the key items for the job.
  2. Process: We coach you on how to impress by taking appropriate lead during the interview.
  3. Relation: And most importantly we teach you on a convincing first and second impression. In other words, make them want you.

Even though there are tons of information in the internet about how/what to write a CL, it doesn’t make it easier for most people. Many people copy it from others. 

A good CL brands you in the mind of reader. So they want to talk to you further. We teach you exactly how and what to write in an impactful CL.

There will be 10s of applications for every vacancy. Recruiter spend minutes to short list just a handful of candidates for the interview. Should you be in that list, then you must have the right, impactful CV.

We help you to write a strong and applicable CV. Your CV must be the best match with a job-description as possible. This means you need to adjust your CV for every application. After training you will be able to recognise what to adjust on your CV to make it the best one for the job!

Job market becomes tougher and tougher because there are limited positions and so many high qualified candidates. We know you are qualified with your competencies. And we complete you by teaching the right soft skills for the interview and about your future function. Such that you will be the dream employee for every employer. 

It is not a magic, but our unique knowledge and exclusive experiences. We are not just teachers but we have done it ourselves.

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Go for Promotion!

You have really learned a lot in your current role, and you want more. You are capable of more. But does your manager sees it? It can have various reasons, such as your visibility or your manager. 

How can you make this wish come true? We will help you to make a good promotion-strategy, based on your personal situation. Then we train you to turn the plan into a successful promotion.

Go for the spotlights!

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Art of Achievement!

Make it work and show it!

You are proud of your achievements in your work and of other things in your life. These achievements could help you to build your future further. But one thing is lacking. The people you need to support you and give you opportunity don’t seem to notice.

We can help you change the image of you and be visible to your manager. Make it clear which achievements you realised and what values you create for your company. And these are worthy of recognition, respect and appreciation.
We will help you rebrand yourself. Plus make this lead to opportunity for you.

How we do this? Contact us by email or call directly.