Christ Schippers

I am Christ schippers. 54 years old, father of a daughter of 22 and son of 24. Living with my partner Mila in Veldhoven.

People call me an enthusiastic coach, developer and Change Manager. I once depicted myself during a training as an owl. I found this appropriate how people described me; mediator, mirror and counselor. Others see me as an easy connector and helping with analyzing, appoint and improve thing which run poorly. Exactly what I want.

– Choose and get moving! –

In the 30 years I work I have gained a lot of experience in various sectors and companies. Also in my own started and builded entrepreneurship I have learned and done a lot. Fun and energy rich, also troublesome to abdominal pain of tension. Wow and ouch moments both. Often in flow and sometimes stayed too long in a working environment which I outgrew. Sometimes I did not stay close enough to myself, my values and my ambitions. Now I do this much better by continuing to develop and stay in motion!

I always searched working and communicating with people. Both from a commercial side and from a side where it went bad with a person and or his company.

  1. As a Trusted Advisor at Rabobank Nederland.
  2. As an employee, as an employer. Recognizing the importance of good understanding over and over again. Very important experience!
  3. As a guide and companion to entrepreneurial people in a difficult phase of their business. Entrepreneurs and enterprises in growth. To even guidance to the best possible outcome in a bankruptcy from a banks perspective.
  4. As trainer and coach at my founded companies (3Masters Training BV and Werk Succesvol BV).
  5. As a team member within Rabobank in changing programs and their implementation.
  6. I have built and given many various trainings and coaching programs. On communication, behavior, engagement and competences. Partly based on change and intervention trainings.

For me, a revelation how much we can make our world more beautiful!

In All these situations I have learned the importance of REALLY good communication. But also really good connection between people. By giving that REALLY enough time and energy we get a very high Return on Investment! That has been proven so many times for me…
All this was my motive for my own journey back then to starting Kompas Counceling & Coaching. Be active in Coaching, counceling, training and consulting.
I want to help people, teams and organisations improve their energy, communication and results. Better achieve their goals, energy and happiness.

That’s my passion!