Hamid Amir-Ahmadi

I am Hamid Amir-Ahmadi, 50 years old and living with Parissa and our son Arwin. I grew up in Iran but moved to the Netherlands in 2001 to start a PhD program in physics at university of Groningen. I got to know ASML (a semiconductor machinery manufacturer) in 2006, via my network. Although my field of study was very different than the core competency of ASML, I had a good interview and they decided to take me and give me an opportunity. That was the beginning of 11 years of my career, which I deeply enjoyed. I started as design engineer and continued as lead engineer and architect. Later in 2012, I was appointed as team leader and later project leader.

Since 2017 I have shifted my activities to coaching and training. Bases upon my broad experience as an engineer in a large company plus my experience in a multi-cultural work environment as an expat, I felt and still feel that a lot of time, quality, energy and money can be gained by improving the communication and collaboration between culturally different people!

Back then in 2012, it was the period of time that still most of managers at ASML were Dutch and just a few from West-Europe. It occurred to me from some specific situations that it was very important to realise and know about cultural differences. I learned that often communication was affected by our background culture. For instance, the way we behave in a hierarchy or how open we talk. That was the trigger to start following many leadership and soft skill courses; such as influencing, negotiating, communication, team building and so on. However, there was always something missing in those trainings; how those skills are affected by culture. Because, the trainers had no idea how the culture impacts all of those. So I had to go the hard way and learned them by my own experience.

My highest point in all of those was when I got elected as member of the Work Council (O.R.) at ASML. In 2014, I stepped up for something that no other foreigner had done before (at least in ASML). I nominated myself for the election of Work Council. This is an honoured position because of two folds. First, your colleagues must recognise you as trustworthy to speak for them. Second, you could assist the highest management of the company in making the right decisions, which benefits both employees and company, as one.

All that experience and my personal care and interests for people brought me to the idea of training and coaching with focus on culture. Being an expat, physicist, engineer, manager and even member of Work Council, brought me a unique experience. Now with The Perfect Combination, I would like to share it all with you and build together with you on your path of success!