What training is suitable for you?

The process

The process to define the trainings is as the following. We visit you and discuss your current status and future goals. Together we define your skill-set needs. Based on that, we set up a program for you consisting of necessary trainings which leads your group or organisation to the wished goal. We check timely together if we are on the track and take a corrective measures if necessary.   

Below is the list of top 10 trainings in demand. To learn about other trainings please Contact us.

List of top 10 trainings in demand

NO English Dutch
1 Convincing & persuade Overtuigen
2 Presentation skills Presenteren
3 In good conversation Gespreksvaardigheden
4 Negotiation Onderhandelen
5 Critical thinking Kritisch denken
6 Working under pressure, stress control Werken onder stress
7 Conflict resolution Conflicthantering
8 Perseverance and persistence Volhardendheid en volharding
9 Organizational skills Organisatievaardigheden
10 Adaptability Aanpassingsvermogen